Barn Finds and Vintage Items at Reclaimed Michigan in Waterford, MI

Vintage Barn Finds - Waterford, MIHi everyone. Bill McDonald with Reclaimed Michigan coming to you from our 10,000 square foot warehouse here in Waterford. Today we’re going to be talking about items that we have in our front showroom which include a variety of different random barn finds and vintage items.

A big part of what we do along with disassembling the barns is cleaning up the sites and making sure that we leave people with a clean area. You can imagine some of these barns being built in the mid to early 1800s. There’s quite a collection of items that have been put in there and stored. We’ve got a few of them here to show you today.

We do come across a lot of things like tools. Some of these beam drills, blacksmithing tools, hand tools, and other working items that come along with the barns are barn pulleys. These are great to use for making lights or just accent pieces in your home.

Most of the barns that we get have hay trolleys up in the peaks that run on a rail. These were used to hoist hay up into the lofts. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Again, really cool for lights. These clean up really nicely.

We find a lot of old cans and jars, bottles, things like that. Some pretty fun ones here. So old school Pennzoil and the coffee cans, those are kind of fun. A lot of times they’ll have nails or something like that in them that they were using it for storage. So they’ll be in pretty good shape. We find a lot of the Ball Mason jars as well.

We also come across some architectural salvage items like the corbels over here. These are extremely popular. These are more on the houses, but we do find them on the barns. Great patina on these with chippy white paint. This one here, in particular, is off by the 1890s home. So you’ll see the square nail construction in it still.

Then we do come across a little bit of the signs in the barns as well well. Not a ton of these, but we do come across them.

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