Featured Product: Reclaimed Wood Barn Beams

Reclaimed Wood Barn BeamsHey everyone, Bill McDonald with Reclaimed Michigan coming to you from our 10,000 square foot warehouse here in Waterford. Today we’re going to be featuring one of the many products that we carry, barn beams. These are used for a variety of applications such as mantels or architectural features being built into the ceilings of houses, headers, structural purposes, orch posts, or also furniture building.

Beams come two different styles. You have your circular saw on beams, which is like this one here on top, or this one down in front here as well. These were cut using either circular or bandsaw mill and you’ll see some of the saw marks on it there and there. This is a cleaner cut beam, gives you a little bit more square corners as you can see here with flat surfaces on it.

Then we have our hand-hewn beams, which is similar to this one down here where you can see the ax marks in here. There’s a lot more texture to this beam, so you might have a wavy surface on there. The dimensions might not be as exact as compared to something like this. These come in a variety of sizes from six by six up to 12 by 12. So we have a lot of different options to fit your projects.

The saw cut beams here, we’re seeing these mostly coming out of barns that were built 1900 or newer. The hand-hewn beams, pre-1900. We’ve had some back as far as the 1830s. So just a lot of character there. So either of these you could work into fitting the style of your home that you have going in. The more rustic or the cleaner look on there.

These come in a variety of different species, Oak, Elm, Ash, and even Pine and Cedar. They take to stain a little bit differently if you wanted to go with a different look on it. We do offer finishing services as well where we can sand them, stain them and seal them for you and have them ready for application. We can also cut these to length. So we’ll carry anything from three feet up to 30 feet. If you find something that you like, we can trim that beam down for you to fit what you need.

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