How Reclaimed Michigan was “Born”

Reclaimed bard wood and barn beamsHi everybody, I’m Bill McDonald, one of the founders here at Reclaimed Michigan. Look for our new videos on and our website,

Here at Reclaimed Michigan we salvage material from local barns, houses, and commercial buildings and turn that into furniture and architectural features. You can find our products in a variety of local businesses and residential homes.

We’ve been in business now for about five-plus years. The company started basically with a project at my home that my wife and I were doing and ended up having to drive over an hour to find material for what we wanted to do. So we bought a few extra boards so that I didn’t have to drive back out another hour to go get more material. At the end of the project took the excess that we had and posted on Craigslist and sold it within just a matter of hours locally.

This kind of sparked the idea that boy, the next project we do, you should probably pick up some more and sell it on Craigslist and then it will pay for the project, which we did. And again, sold the material very quickly and kind of got us into the trend of every time we go up there, we would take a trailer with us load it up and then we can make a little bit of money while we’re doing these products in our home. After doing this for a few months, I felt kind of guilty asking my neighbor and now business partner Matt to help me unload the trailer all the time. So he got involved after about a year of selling material out of the backyard of my house, my wife decided that it looked a little bit too much like a lumberyard back there and that we needed to move out into different space.

So we moved into about 2000 square foot warehouse in Waterford and started selling there. We quickly filled that up to the ceiling. Within a year. We had outgrown that space and moved into our current location, which at the time was about 7,200 square feet. We have a 1000 square foot showroom in the front with the vintage finds, barn finds. Anything you can find around the farm basically. A 6,000 square feet of warehouse space where we store all of the barn wood, barn siding, beams, just about everything you could think of associated with the barns. We now have a 2000 square foot workshop with industrial equipment where we turn that material into basically anything you can imagine, tables, doors, shutters, bookcases, etc.

We pull our material from about a three-hour radius, mostly from Michigan and a little bit in Northern Ohio. The barns that we’re getting into range from being built in 1860 up to around 1910, 1920. So we’re pulling timber that has a one of a kind of look to it that just far surpasses any newer lumber that you might use.

We work with about eight different dismantling companies to make that we can maximize the product that we can get out of these buildings. Most of the buildings that we’re dealing with are damaged in some way and slated for demolition anyway. We do like the history behind these buildings. We want the ones that are up to stay up. We don’t take down anything that is structurally sound and doesn’t need to come down.

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For examples of our products and projects, you can find us on the web at Or find us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, look for hours online or you can always give us a call at (248) 509-9595.

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