Preview of What Reclaimed Barn Material We Can Get You From Central Ohio

Hi, this is Bill with Reclaimed Michigan coming to you today from central Ohio one of the wholesale reclaim yards that we work with down here, picking up some material. I just wanted to give you guys a little preview of what we look at when we’re down here. Probably a million-plus board foot of material ready to go. Um, Sophie ended up having to do larger orders that we can’t fill locally. Um, we’ll come down either to Ohio or we can get truckloads from Kentucky also.

So these barns are about 16-foot high stack there. Everything’s kind of grouped by colors. Just to give you guys a feel here. Pretty much anything you can think of we can get down here from siding, beams, two-inch, three-inch, four-inch, just about anything.

You got a bunch of cookies there as well. White siding there, red siding. Today we’re going to be picking up some gray siding as well and just wanting to give you a preview here and then we’ll move over to the beam area and I’ll kind of show you that too. How many beams they have and you’re going to see stuff up to 50, 60 foot. And then also you’ll see what looks like newer lumber here. This is actually resawn beams cut down into a furniture grade type of material there. So going to do a little hunt around here and jump back out in a minute when we get down to the beam area.

Okay. Moving into a different area of the yard here. Some dimensional lumber. A lot of mixed hardwood down in Ohio here. This yard, in particular, cares a lot of Oak. We do see a little bit of pine. But most of the time he’s trying to deal with just hardwoods there. And you can see we’re getting into the beams here as well. Just for scale, you’re probably looking in these beams around 24-foot plus. So, I know it’s kinda hard to tell here from the pictures, but they are really big. As you can see here, we got a whole lot of beams and these are stacked probably again 16 to 20 feet high. Some like 40 footers here probably. The stack right there’s probably 30 to 40.

The stack of beams here, hard to tell again from the video, but you’re probably looking at 50 foot plus on that stack. That’s pretty wild. That’s a hand-hewn. You can see all that character with the ax marks and everything on it. You know, something to see in person, that’s for sure. You get a lot of bigger stuff. 12 by 12 up in the back there. You’ve probably got some like 14-inch beams.

When we tell you we can usually find it for you. This is kind of what we’re referring to. If we can’t find it locally, definitely going to be able to find it, with these guys that we work with down in Ohio. So you can see we’ve quite a bit. So that’s the yard.

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