Barn Siding and Interior Boards

Naturally weathered for 100 plus years to give each board a unique look. There is no stain or paint on the material, just a natural
grey color.

Faded Red Barn Siding

This siding has been painted at some point in time and has weathered over the years. Varying degrees of weathering can leave the red color from just a faint trace over a natural grey to a more solid red color.

This siding comes in a range of colors from a bleached white over grey, to white over faded red and a more solid white color. Often
times we find that white barns have been painted a variety of colors which gives a very unique look.

Interior Brown Boards

These boards are very unique in that many of them have not seen the sun since the barns were built. Brown boards come in a variety of shades, from a blonde natural look to a rich golden brown. Many times the original circle saw marks still show very distinctly. Available in floor and wall boards and naily roof boards.

Come visit us at our Waterford warehouse! We have over 14,000 square feet of materials.

1179 Sylvertis Rd Ste B, Waterford Twp, MI 48328

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