What You Can Do With Reclaimed Barn Siding and Interior Boards

Reclaimed Barn Siding / Reclaimed Interior BoardsHey everyone, Bill McDonald with Reclaimed Michigan coming to you from our 10,000 square foot warehouse here in Waterford. Going to be doing another product feature for you today. Today we’re going to be covering our barn siding and interior boards. As you can see behind me here, uh, where they come in a variety of different colors from our weathered gray siding, chippy white, faded red, and then the interior brown boards.

This material is used for a variety of different projects, a lot of accent walls, wains coating, ceilings. We’ve also used this for furniture building if you’re thinking about doing a barn door. And then it’s things as small as doing signs or birdhouses, small arts and crafts type projects. Perfect for that.

The thickness of these boards is going to range anywhere from a three-quarter inch, to an inch and a quarter. We kind of refer to the siding as a weathered one inch where it probably started out as a one-inch board and being exposed to the elements for a hundred plus years, kind of wears some of that edge off on it.

As you can see on the brown board here, you’ve got circle saw marks. This has been protected from the weather. Obviously, inside the barn, you’ll have a lot of nice patina to that. That’s a little bit more of a solid board. And then you get into your exterior siding like your faded reds through your grays a little bit more grainy look to it, more texture.

These come in a variety of sizes, um, boards anywhere from two feet up to 16 feet and widths anywhere from four inches. And we’ve had some up to 24 inches wide. A single board. We can trim these down for you lengthwise if you need to get them in the car or you have a certain size that you need for a project. We also do offer straight line services where we can take these boards, run them through our saw and cut two straight edges for you on both sides. That way you can just take it home and it’s ready for a wall application.

These can also be sealed. If you’re doing some putting this up in a high traffic area, probably want to put some sort of a clear coat seal on it just to protect it or with the white just to make sure all the paint staying on there. we’d also recommend sealing that as well. These typically you don’t want to stain or sand, otherwise, that color is going to come off of it. The brown board, you can go ahead and sand or stain that to fit your project. We always carry all four of these colors in stock at any time. Um, if you have a larger order, we can also source that material for you as well.

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