2" Material

2" Material

Reclaimed from century old Michigan barn frames and buildings, the lumber we source has tight growth rings and unique grain. This old growth wood can only be found in material milled from the 1800's and earlier, making it much denser than the lumber available for purchase today. That, plus decades of weathering and natural aging creates authentic character perfect for any project.

Old Growth

Sourced from salvaged barns found all over Michigan, our true 2 and 3 inch dimensional lumber is ideal for furniture building, counter or bar tops, floating shelves or resawing.

Salvaged from roof trusses, floor joists, flooring, and wall supports of a barn, this lumber has natural brown or grey sawn patina from being protected from the sun and weather.

This lumbers ranges in length from 3 to 16 feet and widths from 5 to 12 inches.

Thresher and Grain Elevator Boards

Thresher boards are the flooring of a barn or grain elevator. They provide the most incredible and unique texture from decades of use and being walked on. The underside often offers a clean circle sawn texture.

These boards sometimes come in tongue and groove but are mostly straight sided boards.

Thresher boards are often wider and range from 12 to 24+ inches wide and lengths from 3 to 16 feet.


Our selection of historic lumber is always changing and is available in both hardwoods and old growth pine.

If you have a large project we are equipped to source and fulfill your order. Contact us with your needs! Our knowledgeable staff will personally work with you to help you choose and source the right material for your project.

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