Ceiling & Decorative Beams

Ceiling & Decorative Beams



Create a warm and inviting setting in your home by adding reclaimed beams.

Structurally sound, old growth beams have stood the test of time and survived decades of wear and tear in working barns that helped create our nation. Trees were cut down, shaped, and used to build barns over 100 years ago. The beams have already dried and checked/cracked, creating unmatched character and preventing further twisting, cracking or splitting. 



Used in a multitude of ways, reclaimed beams are perfect to add character to ceilings, porch posts, stair rails, and pergolas.

Whether you are looking for small beams, large beams, or trying to achieve a certain look, we can help. If you are a designer, contractor, or a home owner, contact us with your ideas! Our knowledgeable staff will personally work with you to help you choose and source the right material for your project.

Visit our showroom or contact us with any specific needs and questions