About Us

We are the leading supplier of reclaimed wood and salvaged lumber in Michigan.

Located in Waterford, Michigan- Our business has grown and expanded several times to over 18,000 Sq. Ft of indoor space.

Founded in 2014, when Bill McDonald was looking for a mantel for his fireplace and wanted to do a couple of small projects for his wife. After looking to source material, he found that there was little to no reclaimed lumber available in Metro Detroit and he had to travel about an hour to find some. He began going to different rural areas in Michigan and bringing the material back to Clarkston.

As things grew, Matt Halcrow, Bill’s neighbor, joined him in 2015 and thus the company was born. The company has quickly grown from being a back yard based business to an 18,000 square foot warehouse offering a variety of reclaimed wood materials and vintage finds.

Salvaged from old barns and structures that are no longer needed or fit for their original purpose, most material that we reclaim is from structures built between 1870 and 1920. More than a century of history to share - and the wood they are built with is even older.

Before a barn is dismantled, we look at the quality of the siding and how weathered or faded the paint is. On the inside, we look at the flooring, wall boards, and roof boards for a rich brown color and deep circle saw marks. The history of the beams usually speaks for itself. The work that went into creating hand hewn beams is amazing to think about.

Our contracted dismantlers then carefully deconstruct and process the structure to preserve as much of the material as possible.

We are always looking at different structures in an effort to keep as much of this incredible material out of landfills as we can.

Our highest goal is to produce materials and products that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Our reclaimed product line comes from turn-of-the-century material salvaged from these structures in Michigan that have been long out of use.

This salvaged wood is then given new life by our skilled team of craftsmen, a team that has grown substantially over the past four years and consists of former customers and DIYers.

We are open to the public!

We love seeing the look of amazement on customers faces the first time they walk through the shop.

Stop in to our shop and we will give you a tour around and help guide you through your projects.

It is not uncommon for someone to spend hours wandering through the shop to find "just the right pieces" for their project.

Every project we create with our products is completely unique. Every barn is different, so no matter how many accent walls we do, mantels we finish, doors or tables we build, no two are alike.