We have a huge inventory of beams with a wide range of sizes, lengths and styles to compliment your unique project. Beams are available in a variety of species native to Michigan, from Pine to Oak, and come in various sizes from 4x4 up to 12x12 and sometimes even bigger. The lengths of these beams vary by barn, but we stock beams up to 24 foot in length and with our strong network of dismantlers can supply beams up to 50 foot + long. We are equipped to handle beam orders in any quantity.

We offer services to clean, stain and seal beam orders of any size to be ready for installation on your next project.

Hand Hewn Beams

Beams from structures dated prior to 1900.

Cut and shaped by hand with an axe, each beam has a very distinct look and no two are exactly alike. This style generally has a more rustic, classic farmhouse look.

Circle Sawn Beams

Beams from structures dated to the early 1900s (1900-1930)

Antique circle sawn wood beams carry the rich character of the past, with a refined “circle-sawn” cleaner face. A circular cut was made with large round blade saw mills which give them a more uniform size.

For more information about beams and projects using them, select from one of our categories below or contact us with any specific needs and questions